Fondée par deux fils et un petit fils d’agriculteurs, Agriconomie est aujourd’hui le site Internet de vente agricole le plus populaire en France

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🚀 I am delighted to announce that recently raised €60m with Treïs, Temasek, Aliment Capital (Formerly Known as Pontifax AgTech) and Eurazeo.

This is one of the largest AgTech fundraising in 2022 and the largest ever for platforms in Europe 🚀This is not an accomplishment; this is a milestone, a new chapter that opens up for Agriconomie and our mission: reinventing Agricultural distribution, giving value back to farmers and supporting sustainable farming 🎯🌱We will accelerate our investment in France and across Europe in order to provide better services to farmers and become a European Champion.8 years ago, Clément Le Fournis, Dinh Nguyen and I launched Agriconomie from Coole in Eastern France, with nothing except a clear vision and a bit of courage and craziness. Today, we have:  - 100 team members,  - Over 120.000 farming customers and more than 350.000 users in Europe,  - Over 30% of French farmers who have already placed an order & 85% who use our services,  - A company that achieves close to €100 million of sales placing us in the TOP 5 private Ag distributors in France, with a breakeven business model,  - A presence in 5 countries with 3 offices.

This human adventure, this sweet bumpy ride, would have never been possible without:  - My incredible cofounders Clément & Dinh,  - Our amazing team who are dedicated to farmers and their success,  - Our farming customers that rely on us to provide the best services,  - Our partners who produce, distribute, stock, deliver,  - Our first and new investors that trusted us Cian McComb, Sebastien Pascual, Ben Belldegrun, Maarten Goossens, Chloé Giard, Didier Rousseau, Pauline Roux, Anne-Valérie Bach, Eric Archambeau

And a few other key people who helped us to make the difference:Sacha Benichou, Henri de Castries, Adam Anders, Corinne Lejbowicz, Pierre-André de Chalendar, Didier THIERRY, Philippe de Chanville, Alain Minc, La Ferme Digitale, Olivier Mathiot, Aymeric THUAULT, christine ROSSO, Jerome LE ROY, ☰ Florian BRETON, Jérôme de Castries, Nicolas Dufourcq, Flore SIMON, Xavier Chopard, Séverin de Fleurian, Marie-Christine Rieul

Stay tuned, we have some other news that will pop-up in the following weeks including a strategic partnership and breaking news on Clément’s new haircut.Bonne journée,Paolinps: We were told many times that Agriconomie would never work, that our model was wrong, that farmers would never buy online and trust a newcomer, our suppliers were threatened and farmers too… I even remember our first trade show in 2015 where we received literally a violent welcome…It was not and will not be easy… As with any adventure, It will stay a roller coaster :) A huge thank you to my two genius cofounders, Clément & Dinh, and our friends and families ❤️❤️❤️

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